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TBD Pharmatech – Rebranding

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TBD Pharmatech

TBD Pharmatech is mainly active in the development and production of pharmaceutical compound chemicals for pharmaceutical companies. The company was founded in Tartu in 2006 and currently employs 60 people. What makes the company unique is the complexity of its activities and the very high knowledge-driven nature of the complex chemical development projects it has to carry out. Around 30% of TBD's employees have a PhD.

We were tasked with a brand refresh that resulted in a strong, geometric and minimalist logo with the letters t, b and d creating an abstract owl image.

The owl was considered a symbol of wisdom and intelligence in ancient Greece. In this logo, you can see a cunningly imaginative and right-winged owl, with its big tabby eyes between its ears wide open in anticipation of new knowledge and discoveries.

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