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Säge – Branding

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Really fierce people meet at Säge Café-Bar. Säge actually means captivating, enticing and delicious, which is perfect to describe the new Veskimöldre restaurant. Säge is the place you want to pop in to in the morning to start your day with the best pastries and good coffee.

At lunchtime in Säge, you can slow down and enjoy a nice lunch. In the evenings, Säge becomes a great place to meet up with fierce friends, share the day's experiences and enjoy quality wines, exciting cocktails and exceptional dinners in a cosy atmosphere with the best company. It was a lot of fun for Häk to create a fresh mini branding for this new and cool place.

Häk had a lot of fun creating this fresh mini branding, using bright and happy colors that capture the essence of the place, and extraordinary typography that seals the deal.

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