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Avant Estonia – Brand strategy

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Sami Machinery Center sells agricultural, road maintenance, and forestry equipment from renowned manufacturers, including both Sami’s own products and, for example, Avant loaders. The latter are in a leading position in Estonia, and over 30 years of operation have established a strong reputation for them.

Problem and Objective:
The client approached us with the problem that the fragmented use of the company’s name and complex structure are confusing and do not support the company’s development plans and growth directions. Therefore, we decided to undertake a brand marketing strategy to create clarity in brand name usage and ways to address the right target audience.

Achieving the Objective:
Together with the client, we decided to market the Avant brand separately from Sami Machinery Center and bring all Avant communication under the name Avant Estonia, focusing the brand and marketing strategy specifically on Avant Estonia. The strategy consisted of discovery sessions with key personnel of the company, followed by independent analysis and interviews with other team members. After the discovery sessions, we continued to develop the marketing strategy based on the results. We set KPIs, prioritized marketing channels, defined the brand’s image and video language, and also provided numerous specific ideas and activities for each channel to help achieve the desired goals.

The strategy revealed several important business and structural key points for the client to follow in future activities. Through the discovery sessions, the company’s main decision-makers were gathered around one table to make unanimous decisions. The collaboration with the client was extremely positive and smooth, showing the client’s understanding of the importance of a strong foundation and thoughtful marketing.

The entire created brand and marketing strategy document serves as a long-term tool for the client to more effectively build their brand and conduct more successful marketing activities. We focused on building the brand to attract new market share, bring customers and fans closer to the brand, and build long-term trust and recognition. The entire process helped the client find clarity and provided a clear structure and direction for the future.

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