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Mobire – Rebranding

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Mobire's activities include full-service vehicle leasing for private and business customers and the sale of quality used vehicles. Full-service leasing is an all-inclusive, all-inclusive, monthly-payment service where the customer does not have to deal with the management and maintenance of the means of transport, but can concentrate on his core business. Previously, Mobire was aimed at the private customer and Rentest at the business customer. As Mobire has gained more fame in the Baltics and some of its private customers have become business customers, the decision was made to consolidate all activities under one brand name. The aim was to create a brand that would appeal to both private and business customers, stand out from the competition and be understood internationally.

In most cases, the main purpose of a company graphic should be to stand out and be remembered. Mobire vehicles have already attracted a lot of attention on Estonian roads. The merged and rebranded Mobire is active in full-service vehicle rental for both private and business customers and the sale of quality used vehicles. With the relaunch of the brand, the central design element became the pattern. As many as there are different types of people, there are also different elements in a branded geometric pattern. Mobire takes a personal approach to each client and finds the right solution for them.

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