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AdaptEst – Branding

Our input

  • Branding
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Visual identity


Ministry of Climate


The main objective of the Climate Ministry’s project “LIFE SIP AdaptEst” is to increase the resilience of various ecosystems to climate change, improve society’s readiness to adapt to climate change, and ensure socio-economic positive impact through sustainable resource use, using several best practices.

Approach and Solution:

The client had a clear idea of ​​what work components were expected from us. We developed a new logo, comprehensive CVI, and various design materials for the project “LIFE SIP AdaptEst” curated by the Climate Ministry. In our work, we based ourselves on the project’s field of activity and relied on the brand’s archetype and message.

Much of the AdaptEST project focuses on the Alam-Pedja nature reserve, so we drew inspiration from the flowing rivers in the area, which symbolize adaptation to climate change in our designs. We applied the same conceptual idea in designing the logo, making one A-character completely different from the others and adding a drop motif that refers to the climate theme. The visual identity as a whole is nature-friendly, positive, and also very practical and easy to use.

In addition to a comprehensive visual identity, we also created a concept for souvenirs, presentation templates, social media backgrounds, brochures, roll-ups, information boards, various smaller materials for event organization, and a drawing of the map of Estonia, on which to mark various project locations as needed.

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