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Ideaalköögid – Web

Our input

  • Web Development



Sometimes, the client only needs a very simple and minimalist website, which serves as their virtual business card. We can meet the client’s needs and create a solution of exactly the right size that is convenient for them.


Ideaalköögid wished to be visible online to increase credibility and share their contact information. Since they already had a portfolio built on social media, they did not want to create a website that would significantly increase the workload for maintenance. The client’s desire was to have a simple, short, and minimalist web business card.

Approach and Solution:

Traditionally, we started creating the website with analysis, albeit on a reduced scale this time. We identified who the main clients of Ideaalköögid were, what their needs and concerns were, and what they preferred. We translated the findings into design, and to maximize the benefits for the client from the created business card, we implemented some best practices on the site:

– added animations to make the site more modern and add a touch of quality.

–  included a gallery in the header so that the user could get a better overview of the company and spend more time on the site, which is beneficial for SEO results.

– highlighted different ways to contact the company so that users could easily get in touch.

The result is a simple yet informative website that achieves the client’s desired goals.

Live website:

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